Stop! is an incredibly popular and fun game which challenges players as to how broad their vocabulary skills can be! Here players must pick themes that will be used as basis for the dynamic of the game. Examples of themes are: Name, Color, Animal, Fruits..,amongst others. After having defined the themes, a letter will be chosen randomly by the system and a round starts. Everyone must type a word to fit each category, as long as it starts with the letter given. The first player to fill in all the categories presses STOP, which will disable typing for the other players. Each word is checked by all players then, and is given points from 0 to 10, according to how accurate and relevant they are. If a word is repeated (given by two or more players at the same time), that word is worth 5 points. A valid, accurate and relevant word is worth 10 points. This process is repeated over and over, until a certain number of rounds is reached and a winner can be named. Invite your friends to try it, it is fun!
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